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In the history of civilization advances in practical invention undoubtedly preceded progress in the
theoretical knowledge of the phenomena concerned with such practical invention.

On the ability of individuals to live in harmony with others depends
the future of mankind and the world.

The differences in the grammar of a language condition
the way its speakers perceive reality.

Frank talks between an adolescent and his parents often reveal
that the adolescent is
basically willing to rely on his parents for protection in many situations.

Most of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been put there by
developed countries without the constraint of having to worry about the climate.

If you learn from a bitter experience, you change how you behave so that it does not happen again or so that,
if it happens again, you can deal with it better.

The measures needed to reduce undeserved inequalities arising from differences in class background and natural talent will involve interference with people’s economic activities,
mainly through taxation: the government takes money from some people and uses it to help others.

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I suppose everyone would agree that one of the particular things we observe when we try to take a general
look at the world as it is today is a growing demand on all sides
and by every kind of human being for a greater share in the control of his life and destiny.

Fundamental to the existence of science is a body of established
facts which come either from observation of nature in the raw,
so to speak, or from experiment.

Even the traditions *we learn from **others we adopt and adapt in ways that make them our own.
*we=Japanese people **others=other countries

I strongly believe that it is always the scientist’s responsibility to
make clear when he is *speculating and when his conclusions
are clearly warranted by his observations.

What the tourist considers most picturesque about a country
the people living there often think shameful and unprogressive.

Computers have not killed off the book and will not. What they
can do is to co-exist peacefully alongside books, because they are two very different things, with very different functions. Indeed, among the first
people to embrace the internet wholeheartedly were members of the world-wide community
of antiquarian booksellers.

Not only has research shown that many patients are
not satisfied with the quality of communication with health professionals, but even health
professionals themselves ー particularly physicians and nurses ー recognize that there are serious
problems in relations with patients.

Only when the existence of bacteria and their influence on food became known, could
man begin to deal adequately with food preservation.

Beneath the buildings and streets of a modern city exists the network of walls, columns, cables,
pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the basic needs of its inhabitants. The larger the city, the more intricate the
network becomes.

People differ in the color of skin, eyes, hair, in stature, bodily Proportions, and in many other traits. Some
of us have blue and others brown eyes, some have prominent and others
flat noses, some are tall and others short.

There is a general apathy to if not positive distrust of science
itself as a search for truth; for, to the ordinary American, science is identified
with mechanical inventions.

The road user carries much of the responsibilities for traffic accidents: the vehicle driver
for the safety of others as well as himself, the pedestrian mainly for his
own safety, while the passenger carries relatively little responsibility.

I have always wondered at the passion many people have to meet the celebrated. The prestige you acquire
by being able to tell your friends that you know famous men proves only that you are yourself of small account.
The celebrated develop a technique to deal with the persons they come across.

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Even if I carry the letter in my hand, I am always past the first pillar-box before I remember that I ought to have posted it.
Weary of holding it in my hand, I then put it for safety into one of my pockets and forget all about it.

The self-promotion required by an artist, writer, composer, or thinker attempting to gain the support of a
patron was judged unacceptable behavior when done by a woman.

Individuals differ greatly in the degree in which culture shock affects them. Although not common, there are individuals who cannot live in foreign countries.
However, those who have seen people go through culture shock and on to a satisfactory adjustment can discern steps in the process.

A hero, it is said, is someone who is larger than life, whom we can admire for great qualities
or abilities that we may never have.

It is no surprise that the most complex features of the Universe, which proved most reluctant to yield to the traditional methods of scientific investigation,
should exist *on our scale.
*on our scale = at the human level

Language, like other forms of social activity, has to be appropriate to the speaker using it. This is why, in many communities, men and women’s speech
is different. In certain societies, a man might be laughed to scorn if he used language inappropriate to his sex ― just as he would be if, in our society,
he were to wear a skirt.

The ability to read does not by itself guarantee the ability to enjoy *that kind of pleasure; it has, in fact, no particular connection
with it at all except that it provides the technique for communicating it to those in a position to receive it. *that kind of pleasure「文学を鑑賞する楽しみ」

In a game the pleasure of playing, of exercising skill, has precedence over the pleasure of winning. If this were not so, if victory were the real goal,
a skillful player would prefer to have an unskilled one as his opponent,
but only those to whom a game is not a game but a livelihood prefer this.

“Lefties die young” was the title of an editorial in a newspaper in 2001. It is a popular myth, and is
almost certainly false, but that has not stopped it enjoying wide and continuing popularity.

Language is very dependent on background. It is possible that thinking skill is also dependent on background,
but if so, it seems to be so to a lesser extent.

When Albert Einstein first came into Rothman’s Department Store in July 1939, the owner, David Rothman, recognized him immediately. News had already spread across
this sleepy bayside village far out on Long Island that the strange genius with wild hair considered himself a sailor and had rented a summer cottage overlooking the bay.

Many *British Council libraries abroad have got rid of their books altogether and replaced them with rows of computer terminals ― a terrible, not to say misguided, act of *vandalism.
British Council「英国文化振興会」 vandalism「芸術品や公共物を破壊する蛮行」

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Many of the Walt Disney’s films have been applauded for their entertaining stories and appealing music. But that’s not why I'mclapping.
I cheer because Aladdin has a big, hooked nose ― a truly mighty Middle Eastern *honker, like some of my Arab friends. His girl, Princess Jasmine, also has a sizable *schnozzle.
In The Lion King, set in Africa, Mufasa has wide, *flared *nostrils and a *hot chocolate voice.
honker「(俗語で)鼻」 schnozzle「(俗語で)鼻」 flared「先の広がった」 hot chocolate voice「黒人特有の暖かく深みのある声」

Thirst is deadlier than hunger. Denied food, you might survive for a few weeks, but without liquid refreshment,
you would be lucky tolast more than a few days.

A small child, being weak and defenseless, finds it unbearable to believe that there are no adults who love, support,
and guide him;and if there are not, he invents them.

The belief that the universe is a *machine and that it might contain other worlds like the earth threatened traditional assumptions about the uniqueness of man,
leading to a denial of the doctrine that the universe had been created for the benefit of man.

What philosophers agree about is that we have to think things through for ourselves, taking the different sides
of every problem into account.

If an accident does happen, it may take a long time for emergency services to attend, thus increasing
the chance that people will die at the scene or be left with permanent disabilities.

As society grows more complicated, the rewards a man can hope to earn come to depend more and more,
not on the skills he may possess,
but on these skills being put to the right use.

How we handle our own feelings of impatience, hostility, and anger is a far more powerful example to our children than what we tell them to do with theirs.
We don’t want to impose our black moods on our children, but neither do we want to pretend that our angry feelings don’t exist. In any case,
we may as well be honest, for even when we try to cover up our anger, our children sense how we feel.

When the foreign learner of English first comes to the British Isles, he is usually surprised (and dismayed)
to discover how little he understands of the English that he hears.

While the legal distinction between terrorism and warfare is clear, international law usually means little to terrorists,
who convince themselves that their actions are justified by a higher law.

But there is much more to a language than its words. There is much more that you do know about your language which cannot so conveniently be looked up,
and which you were never explicitly taught.

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I KOCÈLTICRLVThe night when your child returns with dust on his shoes from acountry you've never seen
is a night that you wish would last for aweek.(t>5- )

1*0***WELTHERLEVOIQ scores now fall into a bell curve mainly because that is wherethe original
English and American psychometricians thought theyshould fall.TObut

should fall.(2) IQ scores CADETZ HOWbell curveto Ecurve 83)psychometrician ( **)Łt #AR)TH (normal
distribution)] OCŁ, bell-shapedFE099F14#t:1-C7 0ExteĖTIC(ES )RI- 15 I thottathil-nz u kunt

Not only do women comprise a majority of the population, butgender ― together with race and class
- serves as one of theprincipal *reference points around which American society isorganized.(7) reference points Gr 3*](A)

I***##&ULTARLTV.Language is nothing but a set of human habits the purpose ofwhich is to give expression to
thoughts and feelings, and especiallyto impart them to others.(5#*# *####)

*O**LTERLIVHaving no one with whom to compare myself, I did not know for along time whether I
was better or worse than other boys. ( *)

And I myself tend to create a mythical childhood in my ownmemory. It is based on the facts that my parents were comfortablyoff and
were kind to me, that I was never subject, as other boysoften are, to deliberate cruelty, and that I was never hungry.(+8565 )

XO#(as) CULTIRIRLIVIt can be argued, indeed, that the conservation movement, as weknow it today,
is largely a product of the industrial revolution.(BK )

So *he asked Freud whether *psychoanalysis, which seemed to beexploring the human soul in much the same way that
Einstein andhis fellow physicists were exploring the atom, could “so guide thepsychological development of man that it becomes resistant
to the*psychoses of hatred and destruction."(£) he = Einstein

0XTHELTHCL TVNothing is fixed in Italian cooking, let alone any other aspect ofthe culture of Italy, be it art,
music, architecture or whatever, 'said*the original-thinking magician of the kitchen.() filt: 1 0782017053
Paolo Campanella OCŁ (RIR

*O**etikJULTRAHANLI ŠV.The extraordinary spread of English around the world wouldnever have
begun, were English a difficult language to learn.()

Some people would say that the Englishman's home is no longerhis castle; that it has become his workshop. This is partly becausethe
average Englishman is keen on working with his hands andpartly because he feels, for one reason or another, that he must dofor himself many
household jobs for which, some years ago, hewould have hired professional help.(ZE++++++4h

KO*LTH#LIVPeople, in fact, are more closely related to chimpanzees in terms oftheir DNA than the horse is
to the zebra, the porpoise is to thedolphin, or the sheep is to the goat.(2) porpoise : **EAL(R UAN###)

KOL THERLU ŠV.The facts of your social class, gender, beliefs,
race, nationality orsex preference should no more determine how you are treated bythe law than should your shoe size.(st

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180XTERLTHAR LEVIf you choose your friends on the ground that you are virtuous andwant virtuous company, you are no nearer to true
friendship thanif you choose them for commercial reasons.(Eks### ## RE ## ### # #DE** )

KORT TÈGLTHER LIŠv.More important, one finds that the more complex and multi-levelled the history is, and the more important the issue
it raisesfor today, the less it is possible to sustain a fact-value division.( B )

We are so familiar with the fact that man ages, that people havefor years assumed that the process of losing vigour with time, ofbecoming more
likely to die the older we get, was somethingself-evident, like the cooling of a hot kettle or the wearing out ofa pair of shoes.(RAB)

In one's reading, great writers of the past must be given the mostattention. Of course it is both natural and necessary that weshould be familiar with

those of the present, for it is among themthat we are likely to find friends who have our own anxieties andrequirements.(# *# *F796*** ***)

I XOXOTE SILTIERACIRLIVMost of us don't mind waiting so long as we know why we arewaiting. It is
the feeling of being neglected that breeds ourdissatisfaction, not the mere fact of a delay.( t#$#*#)

1*0#*&TELTIRIRLIVThe difficulty is not just one of the time to assimilate information; itis also the time to mature judgment and come to decisions
whichonly ring true after complex studies and discussions with othersand with oneself.(at)

1. KOWELCHARLIE ŠVNature is that part of the world which man did not make andwhich has not been fundamentally changed by him. (R $7**)UITGEL-

2. Ko#ULTIRALIŠVWe think that our universe consists of only those things we cansee or touch.( t

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Scientists also have a duty to prove to their colleagues that theirobservations are correct within the limitations of measurement, orthat their hypotheses give a better account of a set of observationsthan
all previous hypotheses, or that otherwise their view of the(FB+#)world is justified.

Scientists also have a duty to prove to their colleagues that theirobservations are correct within the limitations of measurement, orthat their hypotheses give a better account of a set of observationsthan
all previous hypotheses, or that otherwise their view of the(FB+#)world is justified.

&o** CGLCHARLESMy primary approach to developing a theory of adaptive brainfunction is to think of brains as recognizing and
adapting toenvironmental patterns, because that is all that the brain has towork with()

The work which women artists, writers, and scientists did producewas often judged to be the result not of genius, but of * nimblefingers,
diligence in observation, skill at following the example of amale teacher, or bee-like industriousness, in other words, "craft,"not "art" or "science."GE) nimble :( +)

&o** CGLCHARLESMy primary approach to developing a theory of adaptive brainfunction is to think of brains as recognizing and adapting toenvironmental patterns,
because that is all that the brain has towork with()

What scared me was being awakened in the middle of the nightand taken somewhere without being told where. But what didn'tscare me, but was very soothing, was watching this
cosmic*meteor shower. And I think from that moment on, I never lookedat the sky and thought it was a bad place.(xi)(3) meteor shower:

XULLAH GWLADU.The introduction of a foreign language into the child's worldhelps him or her to
develop tolerance toward people who aredifferent(0)at-liang LT801544 Ent tot DJ ZIF

The rise of cultural and national self-consciousness amongcolonized societies, and the collapse of the last Europeanempires, cast a doubt on long-held imperialistic ideas.
Thischallenge to the idea of 'inevitable progress' demanded closeexamination of social theories which hitherto had widely beentaken for granted.( **)

11. KOMME MED EN ILTIMURLUThe passage of the first American *copyright law, in 1790, hadmade literature property and had therefore made authorship
asa profession a possibility for American writers.(Rt)(i) copyright law :

XULLAH GWLADU.The introduction of a foreign language into the child's worldhelps him or her to develop

tolerance toward people who aredifferent(0)at-liang LT801544 Ent tot DJ ZIF

It has been rightly said that when a man is sitting behind a steeringwheel, his car becomes the extension of his personality. There isno doubt that the motor
car often brings out a man's very worstqualities.
People who are normally quiet and pleasant may becomeunrecognizable when they are behind a steering wheel. ( *)

XOXOTA DE HALV.Ever since the earliest days of *computing, no one
who caredabout progress could ignore the great advantage connected withgroup effort.() computing 2-12(RIX)

160KOT &HEALNobody can be termed a complete man who has no knowledgeof what science has to teach, and,
equally human obligationcannot be escaped on the grounds of being a specializedscientist or technologist.(+)

XOXOTA DE HALV.Ever since the earliest days of *computing, no one who caredabout progress could ignore
the great advantage connected withgroup effort.() computing 2-12(RIX)

1. *O*FRLV.I enjoy my own company, and feel quite happy about going to thecinema
or the theatre alone.R *7*#)

1. *O*FRLV.I enjoy my own company, and feel quite happy about going to
thecinema or the theatre alone.R *7*#)

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Kot* THtio with]ULTERHALTSVWith unemployment in the USA and some European countrieshitting near record lows and significant skills shortages in someareas, a strong push to retain older workers is developing.(HHX

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VAXTHEALTHAURL to neLearning a foreign language is difficult. A simple statement, butperhaps it may reassure some of the billions who have failed tomaster another tongue that they are not necessarily subnormal.(18##

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| 2. KOVO TM & CHEE È JATKULTURE HAIR L tešuAll tourists cherish an illusion, of which no amount of experiencecan ever completely cure them; they imagine that
they will findtime, in the course of their travels, to do a lot of reading.(t it* **7*# #RA)

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Some librarians ― not all, of course ― have embraced the newcomputer and information technology with
such enthusiasm thatthey believe that it can and will replace the book, and they havebegun
to *throw out the baby with the bathwater.

[NOTE] throw out the baby with the bathwater: to lose something that you want at thesame
time as you are trying to get rid of something that you don't
want(+)some te the many, much + few, little to EO E O DENT 320E te TUBIAI, [12 x 570 % < 0), ILO] ~78...5b] ERIH+2+tz SSI ELLUTO *th

EALNobody can be termed a complete man who has no knowledgeof what science has to teach, and, equally human
obligationcannot be escaped on the grounds of being a
specializedscientist or technologist.(+)

XOXOTA DE HALV.Ever since the earliest days of *computing, no one who caredabout progress
could ignore the great advantage connected withgroup effort.() computing 2-12(RIX)

1. *O*FRLV.I enjoy my own company, and feel quite happy
about going to thecinema or the theatre alone.R *7*#)

1. *O*FRLV.I enjoy my own company, and feel quite happy
about going to thecinema or the theatre alone.R *7*#)

Although there is a general awareness among the publicconcerning all these aspects of science,
much more could beand must be done to bring these fundamental scientific ideasnearer to non-scientists. The popularization of
science shouldbe one of the prime duties of a scientist and not a secondary oneas it is nowitt

IXOANO FR$ 1198 HABERLERI think Galileo's most significant contribution was to drawtogether
three disciplines previously separated - that is,mathematics, physics and astronomy. There was a feelingbefore then that astronomy was to do with the heavens, andbelonged to the
realm outside normal natural laws. Galileoturned the telescope on the heavens, and was able to infer thatthe heavens were other worlds.(****)

KORH. ZhZhOTO & HAMILTON01) Although hardly limited to the
twentieth century, thequestioning of past values can certainly
be said to be one of the mostdefinite characteristics of the past one hundred years. Authorityand tradition have been challenged in
every field of human activity -from politics, philosophy,
and religion to psychology, literature, art,and music. 3 (2) Young people were at the center of this challenge toestablished society, inspired by a strong sense of idealism
and theperception
that the older generation had become the victims of theirown economic success.(* **) (*)

KOC. TAM (1). (2). (3) HABERLEROAs our culture races to embrace technology, it may seem strangeto
seek new medicines from the world around us. 201) Yet
thehistory of Western civilization can be written in terms of its relianceon and utilization of natural products. 3 (2) Western medicine stilldepends on plants and animals - our hospitals, pharmacies,
chests are filled with drugs derived from nature. Whileadvances in chemistry in the 1930s reduced our reliance on thenatural world as our sole source of medicines, an electrifyingrenaissance is well under way as we
search the far corners of theplanet for healing compounds. Within the course of the pastdecade, this quest has gone from being a minor exercise to amainstream concern. 6 (3) Mother Nature has been devisingextraordinary
chemicals for more than 3.5 billion years, and newtechnologies increasingly facilitate our ability to discover,
study, anduse these compounds as never before.(EX)

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kok th 20 TAHTELAO Some people love theories; others distrust them intensely. 3a Thelovers think that theorizing is the highest form of intellectual activitybecause that is when you get nearest to reality,
having fought clear ofthe unnecessary details of particular cases. The distrusters thinkthat theories are distortions of reality, since reality is in fact the sumtotal of particular cases.
They see theories as a concession to ourhuman frailty, which we need because our minds just aren't up to thejob of understanding
this reality directly. 6 So the best we can do isto build ourselves an artificial world in our minds, populated withtheories and
idealizations. 6 Then when we try to understandsomething in the real world, we shift the problem into the relevantpart of our imaginary world and
solve it there in the hope that thesolution will apply equally to the real world. (b) Theory loverswould disagree with the
distrusters and would argue that you can'teven identify a problem in the real world, let alone solve it, unlessyou have some theories.(**)

*OXEA. TERMOREBITKLAVResearch is hard work, but like any challenging job well done, boththe process
and the results bring immense personal satisfaction. Butresearch and its reporting are also social acts that require you tothink steadily about how your work relates to your readers, about theresponsibility you have not just toward your
subject and yourself, buttoward them as well, especially when you believe that you havesomething
to say that is important enough to cause readers tochange their lives by changing what and how they think.(Alt)

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KOREA. Theho FAR 660) OREHCALLThere is no arguing that we are currently undergoing a profoundchange
our approach to communication. The two most obvioussymbols of that change are the mobile phone and e-mail. 3 Lookingat the impact of the emergence of these communication
tools on
oursocial landscape, the change occurring in telephonic communicationmay seem the greater of the two because it is so obvious, on thestreet, in the elevator, in the restaurant.
But this is
only atechnological change. 51A phone without wires, so small that it fitsin a pocket, containing
such miracles of technology that one can callhome from the back seat of a London taxi without thinking twice, isstill just a phone.6 In contrast, (2) the shift in the nature
of mail
is by far the moreprofound, and its implications are nothing less than revolutionary.O E-mail is, apparently, merely letter writing by a different means,Looking at it more closely, however
, we find that this new mediumof communication is bringing about significant changes in the natureof human contact as well as in our
ability to process information.9 The apparent simplicity of its use may lead us to think that weknow everything that we need to know
about it, but in fact (3) e-mailhas overtaken us without our really
understanding what it is.(**)(30)

Kos, Enno TOPLE HACKLE V.OIn the long career of teaching science at the college level, I havecome to learn a lot of things myself. 2 The
most significant of thelessons is concerned
with the very basic of education. 3 At somepoint in each teaching unit, I try to remind myself to ask the bigquestions: "Why should we care about this? Why is this topicimportant?"
@ This may very
well be my way of avoiding thatembarrassing student query. "Why do we have to know this?" 5 Allthe same, it remains a good question, whether posed by the teacheror the student. 6 In this age, no sensible person ought to do withoutasking
what is indispensable
to learn. It is a very tough questionwith no single correct answer. 8 In this difficult situation, a usefulapproach might be suggested that is,
to look for teaching materialsthat connect science with technology and society. Such anapproach begins with the
question, "Why is this important?" 10 Andthen a simple answer can be given: because it has
vital implicationsfor human culture and the planet's future.0 Consider the relationship between technology and science, whichI fear
is often misconceived. (2) 2 While many take the former merelyfor a product of the latter, the reverse is no less true. 13 Throughoutthe history of science,
new technologies are known to have madepossible eye-opening discoveries.
14 Without the aid of sophisticatedoptical instruments, the earth-centered view of the universe wouldnot have been disproved, nor could the cell have been established asthe basis of life. 6

In our century, using advanced technologicaltools, brain researchers are producing important new knowledgeabout how learning
occurs with significant implications for teaching.(*)(28)

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*The two persons become well acquainted, their intimacy losesmore and more its miraculous character, until
their*antagonism, their disappointments, their mutual boredom killwhatever is left of the initial excitement.(£) The two persons (321antagonism [ 2](itt

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2. KORE UTALI &#352;V.I owe a letter to an intimate friend; a letter of friendship shouldnever be written save when the spirit prompts.() - 3470$7*)

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